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British Columbia and The Alaska Highway »

After a week in Portland, to wait for my passport to arrive, we made a beeline for the Canadian border. Various delays in the journey up the coast meant August was already in full swing by the time the passport arrived. Alaska has a short summer, and it begins to wind down in mid-September, with […]
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The Middle of Nowhere Checklist »

My passport arrived a couple days ago, so I’ll be making my way into Canada, and up the Alaska-Canadian highway to Alaska in a few days. I’ve been doing a little reading, and it sounds like there are some pretty long stretches of nothing, including no phone service, on the way. That’s the kind of […]
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The Deadline »

A fellow named Noah, who is also wanting to try out living in an RV for a while, sent me an email yesterday asking about how long it took me to buy my RV, and whether 30 days would be enough time. I rambled quite a bit on the subject, and figured it’d be worth […]
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Another Post About Money »

I wrote about the costs of living in an RV a while back. Now that I’ve actually been living on the road for a while, I’m a bit more confident about the costs. In some ways it has been more expensive than I expected, but in most regards, it has been less so. So, I’m […]
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Urban Boondocking in Venice, CA »

I spent a few days in Venice, and had a great time. The RV camping situation is interesting to put it mildly, so I thought I’d talk a bit about how to safely, politely, and (mostly) legally boondock around Venice Beach. It’s a worthwhile stop, if you like small beach towns with an interesting and […]
Posted by: admin on March 14, 2010 @ 11:11 pm
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Internet on the Road Revisited »

The Internet situation has proved to be a bit more of an issue since I last posted on the subject. In Pismo Beach, I had good, and reasonably reliable Internet, but since then it’s been a lot more spotty. I stayed a week in Malibu Beach RV Park, and the WiFi was reasonably good, but […]
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If it’s not tied down, you must not like it very much »

Here’s my Dell 2408WFP monitor (price I paid a little over a year ago: ~$500) after a somewhat sharper than expected turn on my way from Palo Alto to Redwood City a few days ago: I have now learned my lesson. If it can possibly fall, it will, and it will fall in the most […]
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My (Loosely Adhered To) Schedule »

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Google Map of Where I’ve Stopped »

View Nerd Nomad’s Places in a larger map
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What’s something like that set you back? »

I’ve covered the Why?, and partially the How?, of living in an RV full-time while still running a tech startup. After those two, the most common question is, “How much does it cost?” The RV: $33,500 ($469/month) Obviously, the biggest expense in this is probably the actual RV. Someday I’ll write an article describing the […]
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